Now is a great time to think about upgrading your paint spraying equipment. Whether you’re a professional or DIY enthusiast, a new paint sprayer can give you improved results and satisfaction. We’ve picked out five of the best to choose from.



This is one awesome piece of kit, especially for the professionals, and is now firmly established as our most popular professional paint sprayer. If you have been searching for a top notch machine to give you an airless spray finish for larger applications, this piece of kit is a must.

Q-Tech Q-P025 Airless Paint Sprayer


The XT56 is a pneumatic airless paint sprayer with a pump ratio of 56:1. It has been welcomed as a much needed alternative in this area of the market. If you have been searching for a top notch machine to give you an airless spray finish for larger applications, this  piece of kit is a must.

Q-Tech XT56 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer

This kit has to be seen (and used!) to be believed. Turbine systems are becoming more popular due to being powerful, compact and affordable. They are a great solution for the professional who may want a system to set up in their shop for everyday use. They are also great for decorating jobs – saving time and money in the long term compared to using a brush. The 3 metre hose and 3M HVLP spray gun make this a great choice for lots of different applications such as sealers, primers, enamels etc…

Q-Tech Q-T3 Turbine with 3M Gun



TriTech are one of the most respected names in the business. You get a lifetime warranty and they are renowned for their precision manufacturing process. The finish this sprayer gives and ease of use means you won’t regret choosing this as your next buy. It has a cart, two-piece packing system that can be easily changed, and a self-draining manifold filter which are useful features. If you are serious about paint spraying, this is a must buy.

Tritech T5 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer


 TriTech T7 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

We have another TriTech gem for all the reasons described above. This is a different model, though, with a larger max tip and improved flow/minute of 2.65 litres. You still get the same TriTech quality and finish so if it sounds like the model for you, snap it up quick. 

The start of a new year is a perfect time to upgrade your paint spraying equipment and take stock of how this can help you go to the next level in your projects. Make 2017 your best year ever with some new, improved gear to help you achieve that goal.

Tritech T7 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

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