If you are a novice when it comes to painting with paint spray equipment, we here at Paint Spray Tools thought it would be useful to provide you with 5 top tips for sure-fire spray painting success, no matter how large or small your first DIY project may be. Read on to find out more;

Tip One: Prepare the Area

It is always best to work in a well ventilated area, so if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to work outdoors, make sure doors and windows are opened fully. You will also need to protect from potential overspray before you start painting so cover all other surfaces you don’t want painting with newspapers or drop cloths to avoid any problems. The final thing to complete before you start is to ensure you have a clean, dry surface to paint onto.

The use of a primer may be beneficial as it can help to increase paint adhesion, seal the surface and showcase the true beauty of the colour you have chosen.

Tip Two: Test Your Equipment

Before diving straight into the painting the surface you plan to work on, be sure to test the equipment beforehand, especially if you haven’t used it before, as you will be able to gauge the control you have and the speed at which the paint comes out.

Tip Three: Apply in Thin Coats

For the most effective finish, it is best to apply the paint from your equipment in several thin coats. Use a steady side-to-side motion with your spray gun and make sure you apply the paint to the whole surface rather than focusing on completing it section by section.

Tip Four: Allow Drying Time

With spray painting, it is vitally important to ensure you give the paint time to dry before applying any further coats. The can of paint you are using should provide details of a recoat window, which is the timeframe in which additional coats can be added.

Tip Five: Enjoy the Results

After leaving the paint to dry once you have applied the final coat, you can bask in the beauty that the use of spray paint equipment has brought to your particular painting project!

For the very best equipment that will help you see such results, make Paint Spray Tools your first choice every time.

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