It’s about that time when everyone starts thinking about upgrading their homes. As new and exciting products hit the market, and fresh trends make an impact, now is the perfect season to give your home a refresh. We’re not just talking about cool gadgets, but must-have home decor items and accessories to make your life a little more hassle-free and luxurious. Here are some things you need in order to upgrade your home in 2017.

Home automation

Home automation devices are gradually making their way into our homes. You might not think you need a home automation device, until you find out all the things they can help you do. Google Home, which was launched back in October 2016 is expected to be a major player in the home automation market this year.

It’s a voice-activated system that’s connected to Google Assistant, and it can play music, give directions and access Google’s search network, plus it works with devices like Nest, Philips Hue and Samsung Smart Things. Or you could opt for Amazon’s alternative, Amazon Echo, which can respond to voice commands, control home devices and has built in speakers.

Home Automation

2 Airless Paint sprayer

Nothing can freshen up your home better than a new coat of paint. To avoid all the hassle of painting your entire home by hand with a roller, invest in a paint sprayer for a better finish. Choose from our excellent range of paint spray models and stock up on some paint spray tools so you have all the equipment you need to get the job done. 

Airless Paint Sprayers

Copper accessories

The demand for metal accessories is set to continue in 2017, and people are loving copper in particular. It’s making a big impact in the interior design world. Unlike some other bolder metals it has quite a soft look and its warmer tones can really light up a room.  

Copper Pot

Green hues

As mentioned in a previous post, green is in this year. So if you are concerned about your home staying on trend, then add some splashes of Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery throughout your home, or on a couple of rooms. Our paint sprayers can be used with any colour, so you can choose the perfect shade of green fro your home. 

A wine cooler/fridge

Have you lusted over a wine cooler where you can store your collection of wines in style for some time now? Stop being envious of your friend’s wine coolers and treat yourself to one of your own in 2017. Or if wine isn’t your thing, and you are on a bit of a budget, you can always make a DIY home bar instead.

DIY Home Bar - Wine Drinking

6 Faux fur furniture

Faux fur was big in the fashion world last year, and this year it’s set to enter the world of home decor. Think bold pieces of furniture in bright colours, or if you prefer something more subtle, grey and brown shades of faux fur. It’s kind to animals, stylish and makes a room feel really cosy, what’s not to love? 

7 Nest Cam Indoor

And to finish, we’ve got a nifty little gadget for you. The Nest Cam Indoor has a camera that shoots video in 1080op, and it’s got a swivelling base which makes it easy to place wherever you like. It’s also got high quality night vision, an impressive digital zoom and it can be used with other smart home products. If you want to up your home security in 2017 then this would be a sensible purchase.

Nest Cam Indoor

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