There are certain difficulties we run into when working on DIY projects. We would love for everything to go smoothly but, in reality, that doesn’t always happen.

When you have a passion for making things yourself and redecorating your home, the chances are you want everything to be perfect. And when you start to face struggles like the ones below, you want to bang your head against a brick wall!

Here are eight struggles all DIY enthusiasts can relate to.

Epic DIY fails

These are the worst. When you spend hours on a project, and it doesn’t turn out quite how you’d hoped. Or when you create something beautiful, only to break it or ruin it somehow. When you are redecorating your home yourself, it’s fair to say that sometimes, things don’t always go to plan.

DIY Fail - Toilet

Just how long it takes to redecorate

Whatever amount of time you set aside to finish the job, you always seem to go over it. Many DIY projects end up running over schedule and taking far longer than you first thought. But thankfully, there’s lots of handy tools out there, like our nifty paint sprayers, to help you get the job done quicker.


Weather problems

You might think that weather problems can only affect outdoor projects. Well, sometimes the weather can ruin your plans indoors too, like when you have a leak because it’s rained so much that drips on your artwork, or when a heatwave arrives and it’s far too hot to work, inside or out. Planning when to do outdoor DIY projects has to centre around the weather forecast, and it’s rather irritating when the weather puts things on hold.

Hot and Sweaty


 Not having the one tool you need

When you are all set up to start your project, and you realise you don’t have the one thing you need. Or worse, when your project is 99% finished, but you don’t have that special tool to finish the job.




Paint spillages, chemical spillages and food and drink spillages. These can all sabotage your wonderful DIY project. As careful as one might try to be, accidents can happen. But it’s even more frustrating when someone walks in and spills something or knocks paint over your precious DIY work.

Paint Spillage


When you have no projects to work on

This one’s for the super keen DIY lovers. You dream up projects to do on a daily basis, but sometimes, there’s just nothing to do, or you run out of inspiration. Either way, times like this can be super boring and you feel like something’s missing from your life. Time to repaint the bedroom again?


Not being able to buy expensive DIY tools

Oh the pain! When you know that one awesome tool will make your life so much easier, but it’s out of your budget, or just too pricey to splurge on. Decent DIY tools such as professional airless paint sprayers are often worth the investment, as they can save you so much time and effort in the long run.


 The fear of someone changing their mind

Your partner, housemate or family member is on board with your project one minute, and then the next minute they are changing their mind. Scrapping a budding project is a DIY lover’s worst nightmare. And it’s even worse if you have to start all over again.

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