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The Benefits of Using a Telescopic Scaffold Tower

Posted by Charles Denny on

Working at height is no mean feat as the relevant precautions have to be met in order to ensure the job can go ahead safely and the work is then completed to the highest standard. Whilst you may have the necessary equipment required to complete the task that lies before you, have you got suitable equipment to enable you to work at the height that is required?

Alongside supplying paint spray equipment and power tools, we at Paint Spray Tools also have the very latest telescopic scaffold towers on the market, including the world’s first tower of its kind in the form of the Zarges TT002 Teletower. A tower of this kind offers many benefits, including the following;


Safety is the most important precaution to take when working at height, so you will be pleased to know that you can feel completely confident that your safety is assured when using this tower. With stabilizer legs, a guard rail and lockable castors, the tower will remain firmly in place when you are standing on it to complete your project.

Easy Transportation

Whilst you may relate scaffolding to large towers that scale the side of buildings and require large lorries to transport, this particular telescopic tower is great as it is lightweight and can easily be folded down to fit in the back of your van.

Space and Time Saving

If space is limited in the area around where you need to work, a telescopic offers the best option as little floor space is required yet a single person can still gain easy access to the area that needs to be worked on. The fact that this particular tower can be erected in just three minutes also ensures you can get to work in the shortest available time frame and avoid any delays.

Stable Environment

Telescopic towers are renowned for being a far more stable environment to work on in comparison to a step ladder for instance, which in turn will ensure that the finish of the project at hand is to the highest possible standard. The seven different platform heights also mean you have the flexibility to move around and adjust the level at which you are working to suit the needs of your project.

If you regularly have to put up with a rickety, old step ladder when completing projects at height, hopefully this post has made you realize the benefits that using a telescopic scaffold tower could bring to your future work. Get in touch today if you require any additional support or alternatively browse our website to discover the other ladders and scaffold towers in our range.

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