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What Paint Spraying Equipment Do I Need?

Posted by Charles Denny on

If you are a professional trades person, you will understand the importance of having access to a wide range of high-quality, affordable tools and equipment. When you are looking for a one-stop shop for all of your paint spraying needs, look no further than Paint Spray Tools. With everything you could ever need for a professional paint job, our range of great products from a variety of leading manufacturers can help you to achieve the finish you are looking for. Before you take a look at our range, read on to learn more about the paint spraying equipment which could prove useful during your next job.

A High-Quality Airless Pumps

Our electric airless pumps are suitable for use in a wide range of environments, and are perfect for a variety of professional applications. This is the quickest way to create an impressive paint finish reducing the over spray that you may find when using an air spray pump.

Turbine Spray Kits

When you are looking for a superior paint finish and ease of application to all your timber work, why not consider one of our turbine spray kits? These compact kits are convenient to use, and are perfect for sealers, primers and varnish, as well as timber stains being applied to sheds.  

Spray Guns

Whether you are looking for the basic conventional spray gun or a High Quality HVLP airless gun which is designed to tackle even the trickiest of surfaces, you are sure to find the perfect spray gun for your toolbox when shopping with Paint Spray Tools.

A Range of Accessories

From an extension pole to enable you to paint ceilings and other hard to reach places, to additional spray tips for different levels of coverage, our range of accessories can complement your paint spraying equipment to help you to simply and effectively achieve a professional finish.


By filtering out grit and dirt from paint, filters can help to give the clean finish you are looking for whilst also helping to maintain the condition of your pump.

When you are looking for a comprehensive range of paint spraying equipment alongside customer service and expert advice which you can rely on, make Paint Spray Tools your first choice.

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