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Beginners Guide to Drywall Sanding

Posted by Charles Denny on

If you are a professional decorator, there will be a number of projects which you are qualified to complete, but sometimes you may find yourself embarking on a job which is completely new to you. If you are tackling a drywall sanding project for the first time, you will need two things: a few expert tips, and the right tools. Read on for some drywall sanding advice from the experts at Paint Spray Tools, and to learn how our products could help you to achieve the professional finish that you are looking for.

Get the Right Equipment

As well as goggles and a dust mask to reduce the effects of drywall dust as you work, the most important tool you will need for your drywall sanding project is one of our high-quality sanders. Choose from a 106cm or 154cm sander, both of which will help you to create a smooth wall surface which will be easy to paint or decorate as you wish. A drywall sander is a great alternative to manual sanding, and gives you much better results in less time. Investing in our mobile vacuum extractor, which will work in conjunction with your sander, can also help to minimize dust.

Choose the Right Sandpaper

A fine grit sandpaper will offer the best results as it will not scratch or mark the surface of the drywall as you sand. It can be tempting to use a coarser paper to speed up the sanding process, but this will simply undermine the professional finish you are looking to achieve.

Touch Up as You Go

Instead of sanding grooves out of your drywall, try touching these up with a joint compound to maintain an even surface. Furthermore, shine a light on the wall surface to reveal any imperfections which need further attention.

By ensuring that you always use light pressure to maintain the surface of the drywall ready for painting, and by always following these expert tips from Paint Spray Tools, your first drywall sanding project can be a success.

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