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The Right Drywall Tools for the Job

Posted by Charles Denny on

‘The right tool for the job’ is a saying that many of us quote, and for good reason. In the trade industry, the type of tools you have to hand can mean the difference between a professional finish and a novice one. Therefore to help you obtain a quality finish, we at Paint Spray Tools have listed some essential tools, in particular our drywall tools .

Drywall tools are able to assist you in creating a smooth finish that your clients will notice, and which will mark your quality workmanship a notch above the rest. To give you an insight into the various drywall tools we have to help with dry lining Swindon , we have listed a few of them below.

Drywall Sanders

To help you smooth away an uneven surface, we have a selection of drywall sanders that will aid the process and ensure that the final product is a professional one.

EDX DW10 Drywall Sander is one that many of our clients favour, and it’s unsurprising. Attached to a vacuum, any dust is automatically sucked up to remove the amount of dust generated from sanding the drywall. This reduces the amount of dust produced and in turn diminishes the amount of time you spend clearing up. You can get your hands on this sander for as little as £415. 83 (ex. VAT).

To help you reach ceilings, the EDX DW20 Drywall Sander is the ideal solution. It provides one of the most efficient ways to sand a ceiling, and similar to the EDX DW10, any dust can be picked up by the attached vacuum.

Spray Guns

Once you have finished prepping the wall, you may need a spray painter to add a splash of colour, and luckily for you, we have a fantastic assortment that is sure to make your task quicker.

To find out more about the drywall tools we have available, be sure to view the rest of our website.

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