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Spray Painting Equipment for DIY

Posted by Charles Denny on

Although you may be under the misconception that painting is one of the easier DIY jobs you can undertake, it can be really difficult to get right. You will often end up with a streaky finish, large spots of dried paint where you have used too much or patches of the previous wall colour coming through where you haven't used enough. At Paint Spray Tools, we offer a great range of spray painting equipment specifically designed for making painting easier.

Electric Spray Painters

If you've ever tried to paint a large wall, you will know how hard it is to achieve a uniform look across the whole wall. All of our electric spray pumps are airless, which make them far more effective for covering large surface areas quickly and efficiently.

Our electric paint spray machines can be used on a range of applications, so whether you just want to paint the wooden blinds in your bathroom or an entire wall at your commercial property, we have the equipment to suit you.

Turbine Spray Kits

For a great professional finish, look no further than the Q-Tech Q-T3 Turbine paint sprayer. They are available in either 110v or 240v and are suitable for a range of jobs including: sealers, oil/solvent based paints, primers, acrylics, latex paints, enamels and more.

We also offer the Q-Tech Turbine with a 3m HVLP spray gun for a fantastic quality finish.

Cordless Spray Painter

For spray painting without the hassle of pumps or hoses, our cordless spray painter is an excellent portable alternative. It is perfect for going around the job, providing the finishing touches to more than one area. The battery can last for up to six litres of painting and its compact design means it can be transported from site to site with ease - essential for any busy tradesman.

At Paint Spray Tools, we have an extensive range of spray painting equipment, so whatever the size or nature of the job, we have the tools for you. To find out more about all of our spray painting range, call us on 01767 640888 or send us an e-mail with your enquiry.

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