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A Guide to the Safe Use of a Nail Gun

Posted by Charles Denny on

There are many examples of where traditional methods have been replaced by more modern techniques, and one such example is the increased use of a nail gun as opposed to the traditional hammer. Whilst the use of a nail gun can be considerably more time effective when completing a project, it is also important to ensure you are using the tool safely, which is why we at Paint Spray Tools have collated this guide to ensure safe practices are in place at all times. Read on to find out more;

Preparation is Key

No matter what you are doing or what equipment you are using, preparation is always key. Rather than rushing into commencing with your project, make sure you read the instruction manual that came with your nail gun carefully as this will give clear instructions on use whilst also noting any safety mechanisms that are fitted to the gun.

Get Protected

Once you have a clear understanding of how the equipment works, the next step involves protecting yourself ahead of using it. Goggles to protect your eyes are a must have, as debris such as wood or metal shards can fly up when you are using the nail gun and could have serious repercussions if they were to end up in your eyes. You can also protect your hearing from the continuous noise of the nail gun through the use of earphones.

Don’t be Trigger Happy

One of the most common causes of injury when using a nail gun is down to people being too trigger happy. You should release the trigger after each nail has been fired and only ever put pressure on the trigger when the gun is pressed against the surface you plan to nail. Getting into a habit of doing this will considerably limit the risk of an accident or incident occurring.

Make Space

A further method of preventing accidents is to make sure you have enough space to work. If you are working in close proximity to others, there is a good chance that you could get knocked and lose control of the nail gun. An additional precaution you should take is to ensure no-one is working behind or around the surface you are nailing as should you nail into a weak spot, the force from the nail gun could easily shoot the nail through the surface and out of the other side.

Power Off When Not in Use

As soon as you have finished or need to take a break from your project, turn off the power to your nail gun. This will ensure that should the gun get knocked whilst not in use there is no risk of it going off and will also mean you can safely check that there aren’t any nails trapped in the mechanism or that any other problems are apparent before you go to use it again.

Following this guide should go a long way to ensuring the safe use of nail gun, no matter what project you are working on, and remember, for the very best equipment, we have it all from Paint Spray Tools’ Paslode nails through to the nail guns you will need to get the planned project done!

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