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Nail Gun vs. Traditional Hammer: Benefits of Modern Techniques

Posted by Charles Denny on

The use of modern techniques is taking the place of traditional methods across many aspects of our daily lives, and none more so than when it comes to construction work. Following on from our previous post detailing how to safely use a nail gun, we at Paint Spray Tools are now going to detail some of the reasons why this particular modern technique has proved so popular against the traditional hammer and nail.


One of the most prevalent features of using a nail gun is the speed at which a job can be completed in contrast to the time consuming task of using a hammer and nails. There is no way that you could hammer nails as quickly as a nail gun can shoot them, which is showcased by the fact that, dependent on the nail gun and the air compressor used, the gun has the potential to shoot three nails for every one you can hammer; therefore ensuring you can get the project completed far quicker.


It can be very difficult to guarantee accuracy again and again when hammering nails into a surface as there is always the potential for the nail to slip slightly after it is struck by the hammer for the first time. In contrast to this, a nail gun assures accuracy every time as where the tip of the nail gun is pointed is where the nail will go into the surface. As a result of this, you get a continuous, high quality finish across the whole project.

No More Damaged Fingers!

We have previously spoken about how to use a nail gun safely, and when these actions are followed, a nail gun is significantly safer to use than a hammer. Thanks to the design of the nail gun, there is no longer any need for you to hold the nail in place whilst you hammer it into surface, which on so many occasions can lead to a damaged thumb or finger if your hand-eye co-ordination isn’t as good as it needs to be!

Here at Paint Spray Tools we encourage the use of innovative, modern technology due to the number of benefits it has over traditional alternatives, and therefore ensure we always offer the very best equipment and accessories, in this case nail guns and Paslode nails, to make sure you can experience such benefits firsthand.

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