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Our Favourite Furniture Transformations From Pinterest

Posted by Charles Denny on

It can be all too easy to settle for average furniture around our homes; furniture that doesn’t express our personal style or match the rest of the house’s décor at all. After all, new furniture is a big expense that we can rarely justify.

There’s always that dull and lifeless chest of drawers, that beautifully-shaped (but horribly lacquered) dresser, or those too-pink bedside tables that really could do with a refresh. Instead of buying new, why not give your furniture a new lease of life, and personality, by spray-painting them?

Spray paint is a great option for your would-be furniture makeover; it is a much quicker option than traditional paint (not to mention, you avoid those streaky paintbrush marks), and compared to regular paint, it dries very quickly.

Tools you’ll need for your spray paint project:

You’ll need good spray paint (cheap paint may seem a bargain now, but you may regret it when you see the finish), a mask, some sandpaper, paintbrush, primer and, depending on your makeover project, some sealant. For a big project, invest in a spray paint handle – it’ll make your job much quicker.

Some spray-painting tips: 

- Remember that spray paint comes in different finishes, just like regular paint, so choose the finish that will meet your needs. Generally, the glossier the finish, the easier the piece will be to clean, so bear that in mind if you’re spray-painting a piece of furniture you’d like to keep mark-free but that will be subject to lots of use.

- Clean and prepare your surface before you begin – sand down the whole surface (particularly any rough patches), tighten any screws and nuts, and then wipe down to get rid of any sawdust.

- Now prime your piece – this step is really important for a good finish.

- You’ll need to spray paint in a well-ventilated area – usually outside. Lay down sheets to protect the area, and make sure it isn’t too warm or too cold, as extremes of temperature can affect your finish.

- Spray away! Use long, even strokes, and don’t hold your can too close to the piece of furniture, as this may create drips.

- Finally – if your piece is high-use, like a table top for example, you’ll probably want to seal it. That’ll help your finish to last and last.

Here are some of our favourite spray paint projects for your inspiration:

This inspired use of spray-painted dinosaur figurines as desk handles [Source: Buzzfeed]

Spray Painted Dinosaur Handles


This cast off-turned-sunny pop of colour [Source: Hometalk]

Spray Painted Yellow Side Table


This modern update on French chateau chic 

French Chateau Chic Furniture

This shabby chic update

Shabby Chic Update


This art-deco breath of fresh air 

Art Deco Spray Painted Furniture


This perfect repurposing of tired kidsware into fresh and trendy play furniture

Spray Painted Kids Play Furniture


This glitz-and glam rather bling high-class addition to any drawing room

Bling - Spray Painted Side Table


And finally, this complete overhaul, from junky to funky [Source: House Beautiful]

Gold Spray Painted Fan

We hope these fab spray paint projects inspire you to get reworking your own furniture – it’s a simple, and effective, way to transform your home and reinvigorate your style!

For even more inspiration visit our Pinterest page.

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