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Seven must-have Christmas gifts for DIY enthusiasts

Posted by Charles Denny on

Living with a partner enthused by more than just tinsel, baubles and the often challenging festive lighting? If you’re still struggling to hit the nail on the head with the perfect Christmas gift, here are seven potential ideas to satisfy their DIY needs next month.

1. Airless Paint Sprayer

Tirelessly lining your walls with licks of uneven paint streaks caused by paint brushes is a DIY-lovers’ worst nightmare. With the help of our range of innovative airless paint sprayers, streaks will be no more.

Using an airless system that offers pressure control and a powerful motor, an evenly painted wall can be in the sights of any DIYer (or professional) days after receiving their gift this Christmas.

Multiple sizes of airless spray system are available, meaning the innovation can appeal to those wanting to decorate small spaces as well as large outdoor projects such as timber stains.

If you're on a budget, the SM700 is an inexpensive alternative - check out the video here.

2. Stanley Professional Toolkit

Stanley Tool Kit

As a tried-and-trusted supplier of industry goods, Stanley products can offer a reliable purchase for the handyman this Christmas.

Their array of toolkits and storage boxes can satisfy all types of DIY enthusiast. From effective hand tools to vast kits boasting screwdriver kits, ratchet sets and tens of other mechanical products, Stanley are the go-to for tools this December. 

3. Cordless Power Tools

Cordless Power Tool

In modern-day home maintenance, cords are seen as an irritating obstacle and potential safety hazard for many. Investing in cordless tools as a festive gift for any DIY fanatic will be widely appreciated, and prevent your kitchen from being riddled with wires!

Drills, screwdrivers and circle saws can now be purchased in cordless forms, and although they may be listed at slightly higher prices, the long-term benefits are much worth the initial cost.

4. Magnetic Nail Setter

Perhaps the most painful mistake in DIY history, catching a fingernail with the force of a hammer can put people off the hobby! However, many companies such as ThumbSaver are changing opinions on conducting the ideal hammering technique. 

Using a magnetic nail setter, there is no need to place a thumb over the nails’ desired location – your fingers will be sure to thank you for investing in this basic tool!

5. Automatic Hose Reel

Reeling a dirt-ridden hose pipe up your driveway can prove a frustrating task during the winter months, so why not invest in an automatic reel system for your DIY-intrigued partner or family member.

With just a press of a button, your hose pipe can be transported around your home – meaning more outdoor tasks can be completed without getting your hands too dirty. 

6. Joby Gorilla Torch

Joby Gorilla Torch

The Joby Gorilla Torch enables all DIY enthusiasts to beam light into the most minute and isolated spots whilst decorating their homes, meaning no corner is ever missed during restoration.

Its flexible legs allow it to hang itself at any angle and overcome most obstacles, making it one of the most flexible hands free lighting products on the market.

7. DIY for Dummies 

If you are looking for a simple and timeless Christmas gift for the amateur do-it-yourself fanatic, a good old DIY educational handbook could be your easiest option.

With hundreds of examples found across common high-street stores and online sites, it could not be simpler to get your hands on one of these trusted gifts – whether an interior design or gardening focused publication.

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