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What Are The Best Paint Colours For A Child’s Bedroom?

Posted by Charles Denny on

The colour you choose for your little one’s bedroom might be more important than you think. It’s not just about how the room looks, it’s about how the colours make your child feel. Colour psychology is a very real thing, and your colour choice can actually have an impact on your child’s mood and even behaviour.

On top of this, you also want a colour that has some longevity, that your little darling won’t grow out of instantly. The last thing you want is to have to repaint their walls every year. We’ve picked some top colours for kids bedrooms to help you make the right choice for your family. If you'll be spraying the room, check out our Best Airless Paint Sprayer Techniques to make your life a little bit easier.


Yellow Kids Bedroom

Yellow is an excellent colour choice for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s very neutral, so it’s perfect if you don’t know the gender of your little bundle of joy. Yellow is also a very happy colour that reminds us of sunshine and makes us feel cheerful and optimistic.

You can’t help but smile a little when you walk into a yellow room. Although you can overdo it, avoid too much bright yellow because surprisingly it can evoke feelings of tension agitation. For your child’s bedroom, choose a lovely pale yellow. [Image source: Architecture & Design]


Blue Kids Bedroom

Blue is often seen as a boys colour, but it’s actually ideal for both sexes. Looking at the colour blue could help your kids feel less anxious and studies have shown it can slow heart rate and blood pressure. Blue is a naturally calming colour and it’s also quite timeless. It reminds us of gorgeous clear blue skies, or the sea. Don’t go too dark though as darker shades of blue can create sadness. [Image Source: Pinterest]


Kids Purple Bedroom

Purple is often used in therapy rooms as it’s very spiritual, soothing and relaxing. It can also help to inspire creativity and compassion. Softer tones of purple may work best for a kid’s room as they are associated with rest and relaxation. If your child isn’t mad about pink then purple just might be the next best choice. [Image source: Spot My Bag]


Kids Bedroom Green

A lot of people don’t even consider green which is such a shame, as it’s possibly one of the best choices for a kid’s bedroom. Why? Because it represents natures and makes us think about green trees and open spaces. There’s a reason why it’s used a lot in spas. Green is great for helping to reduce anxiety, and ideal for little ones who worry. It’s also a balancing, relaxing and soothing colour. Plus, studies have shown that it might improve a child’s comprehension and reading speed. [Image Source: 3D House 777]

Colours to go easy on 

We’re not saying avoid these colours completely. If you do use them, just use them sparingly. Red is not the best choice for a kid’s bedroom because some research has shown it might encourage aggressive behaviour.

It’s also a warning colour that reminds us of danger, and simply looking at something red can increase our heart rate. Orange shouldn’t be ruled out as it can be a very warm and happy colour, but it can increase energy and excitement levels.

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