DIY is a little like Marmite, you either love it or hate it! However, whichever side you fall on, you will undoubtedly welcome any equipment that can make your life easier and get the job done a little quicker. You will therefore be pleased to know that there is now an array of equipment available to you that can replace the traditional way of doing things with a more efficient method that increases productivity without compromising on the end result.

Ditch the Hammer

Whereas previously you would have had to of nailed everything down manually, a far more efficient and effective method of completing this task is now available to you! Cordless gas nailers make the task far less time consuming and ensure that each and every nail is securely in place, as individually hammering each nail into place can lead to a few mistakes, no matter how skilled you are.

Paslode nails are suitable for all types of gas nailers and have been designed to be durable, sturdy and long lasting, so are suited to a wide array of different projects.

Dump the Paintbrush

Painting every wall can be a very time consuming process, and if you are using brushes, there is nothing more frustrating than painting the wall only to find brush marks ruining the appearance. To save time, effort and frustration on your part, you need to be looking at the different paint spraying equipment available.

With many different types of paint sprayers on the market, from airless through to cordless spray guns and turbine spray kits, they are all ideal for simplifying large scale painting projects and producing end results that offer complete coverage without the need for additional coats; therefore also saving money!

Drop the Sandpaper

If you needed to sand down a surface before working on it, previously you would have spent a significant amount of time working your way through various sheets of sandpaper and layers of skin on your fingertips to get the job done; not anymore!

Power sanders remove the majority of the hard work associated with sanding, and also enable you to get the job done far quicker so you can get on with the real decorating work!

It is therefore quite clear to see that there is an array of equipment out on the market to make your life easier, and you never know, it could well help to turn you from a hater to a lover of DIY in no time at all!

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