The Forth railway bridge, famed for its never ending painting, has now been painted with a glass flake epoxy paint, which is claimed will last for 25 years, and has been proved under very corrosive conditions on North Sea oil rigs.

The bridge, which was built between 1883 and 1890, is 2.5km in length and was constructed using 53,000 tonnes of steel. The new paint was applied using airless spraying technology, together with hand painting on the difficult to access areas in a contract which took nearly 10 years to complete.

The Forth Railway Bridge is a World Heritage site, and still carries over 200 trains per day, some weighing over 1000 tonnes. It came into its own recently, when the Forth Road Bridge was closed for emergency repairs, and many extra trains were pressed into service to carry the many additional commuters into Edinburgh.

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