About to redecorate your house with a fresh coat of paint? You may end up doing a 
perfect job but the chances are you might get the odd bit of paint in places you
hadn’t intended.

Don’t panic. In many cases a splash of paint is far from permanent and there are a few tricks and tips which will aid you if you wish to banish any recollection of a paint

Here are just a few…

Urgency is key for carpets

Cleaning Paint from Carpet

The sight of any liquid oozing onto a carpet can send even the most anti-clean
freaks into a cold sweat. Speed is the key in this case as a carpet spill is easiest to clean before it dries out. If you have used a water based paint you are in luck as this is the easiest to remove.

A dry paper towel or cloth will do the job initially, but try not to rub the paint as this
will cause further complications. Soak it up instead. Simply dabbing the spillage
gently should do the trick, but if it’s a stubborn splash, try adding a bit of glycerin to
make life easier.

If the paint is dry, use hot water to soften it before attempting to remove the paint.
Some spills will require more attention so if the paper towel fails to lift the stain try
using white vinegar or nail polish remover.

Wood requires patience

If you manage to splash paint onto a wooden surface, prepare to have your patience
tested, as it requires time in order to clean the spill without causing long term
damage. Denatured alcohol, combined with a clean rag, should be able to banish
latex paint.

If the paint you’re using is oil based then mineral spirits, such as linseed oil, can be
pressed upon the spill for 30 to 60 seconds and then dried. Be careful not to soak
the wood however, as this could lead to damage.

Paint Spillage on Wood [Source: Bookish Biker]

Back to basics with floors

Vinyl flooring spillages can be tackled by using dish soap and warm water to gently
blot spills, while the bits that stick can be scraped away. Liquid floor wax and
mineral spirits may be needed if it’s a more stubborn spill.

Here is a tip when first tackling a spill on vinyl. Use cat litter or shredded paper to
contain a large spill. If you’re having further trouble removing the stain, then leave
the damp cloth previously used on top of the affected area for a couple of minutes.

Glass isn’t so clear

Cleaning Paint From Glass

Painting around or near a window? If you manage to splash the glass then proceed
with caution as removing the stain requires precision. Dish soap and a safety razor
blade are the solution.

Wet the window thoroughly with warm water and dish soap and then use the razor at a
45 degree angle to carefully scrape the paint away.

How can you prevent it in the future?

Paint spraying may be the answer. If you want less mess and
spillages, which the common rollers and brushes attract, using paint spray equipment will help you complete a cleaner and more satisfying job.


This is just general advice, and it may not work on all surfaces, carpets and types of wood. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before adding substances to the surfaces of your home. We cannot be held responsible for any damage.

Banner image source: ChrisLovesJulia

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