Instead of throwing your old furniture away, consider whether, with a fresh lick of paint, it could be worth salvaging. You can often make the oldest, most uninspiring furniture look almost brand new, just by using a paint sprayer.

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As well using them for walls, paint sprayers can also be used to transform old furniture. After all, it’s such a shame to discard pieces of furniture that still have the potential to look fantastic; they just need a little makeover. So, instead of throwing it away, give your furniture the chance to shine once more with a gorgeous coating of paint.

Paint sprayers tend to produce a smoother finish than paint brushes because you don’t get left with the paint brush marks.

It’s best to spray paint furniture outside but if you must do it indoors make sure you cover everything else and open the windows to ventilate the room. Using a paint sprayer also means you can get the job done quicker, and with a lot of accuracy, which is ideal for painting home furniture.

You will also need to protect yourself. Wear old clothes or invest in some suitable clothing and protection for painting. You can easily buy clothing and protection such as boiler suits, overalls and masks.

If you aren’t very confident using a paint sprayer you might want to enlist the help of a professional or practice on an old bit of wood until you are ready. You’re always welcome to give our team of experts a call – we can give you some handy advice and provide you with the very best paint sprayer for the job.

So, you are ready to go. So, what’s actually involved?

Here’s our step by step guide:

How to use a paint sprayer to update your old furniture


1. Wire brush

Use a wire brush to brush away any chipping or paint that’s peeling off. This will make it easier to sand the furniture and get rid of any major chipping right away. 

2. Sanding

First you will need to sand your furniture. Do not paint it without doing this or you will not get the finish you are after. It takes extra time, but it’s worth it. Sand over the surfaces of the furniture, this gets rid of any lumps, bumps and chips that might affect the finish. If there’s any gaping holes or cracks, use wood filler to cover them up, then sand again.

3. Apply primer

Apply primer to all exposed areas and then when it’s dry, go over with the sander for a smooth finish.

4. Paint spraying

Set up your paint sprayer according to the manufacturer’s instructions and apply a few light coats until you have the desired finish. Leave to dry. Hey presto, now you have transformed your furniture into a lovely new creation.

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