We are so lucky these days that we have so many ways to find inspiration. Just a few decades ago people got their DIY inspiration from magazines, television programmes and simply seeing what their friends have in their homes. Now we’ve got all sorts of handy websites, apps and social media sites dedicated to the art of home decor.

Pinterest is probably the most useful social media site for home decor ideas. Other sites like Instagram can also give you lots of ideas, but it’s the ability to save all your favourite designs on a board that sets Pinterest apart.

So, if you are running out of inspiration and want to use Pinterest, but don’t quite know how, we’ve got it covered.

Here’s our top tips:

Download the app

Pinterest App

It’s much easier browsing the app on your phone or tablet compared with simply looking at the Pinterest site on a laptop or computer. This also means you can easily access your ideas no matter where you are.

Create new boards

Pinterest Paint Spray Tools

You need to create a board if you want to save your ideas somewhere. On the app, click on your profile (the little person icon in the top right), then click on the plus sign at the top right of the screen. This will give you the opportunity to create a board. Click ‘create board’, give your board a name and then click the red ‘create’ button.

TIP: If you don’t want others to see what Pins you have saved, make sure you select ‘keep board secret’.

Think about which boards you want to create, it’s sometimes better to have a few, otherwise it’s difficult to find specific ideas on just one board. For example, don’t only have a ‘home decor’ board, have one for ‘colour selection’ and ‘DIY kitchen projects’ for example. This will help you organise all your ideas properly.

Paint Spray Tools on Pinterest

Search for ideas

You can literally search for anything on Pinterest. Sometimes the more specific you are the better. So instead of typing bathroom accessories, try ‘rustic bathroom accessories’, as this will help you find ideas that better fit your personal style or theme you are going for. Once you start typing a phrase in, Pinterest will also suggest ideas for you, which can be helpful when you aren’t 100% sure what you are after.

Pinterest Search For Ideas

Save your ideas

As you are browsing through Pinterest, save any Pins that you feel might be useful or provide inspiration for your home decor projects. You can save Pins by clicking on them, and then tapping the red ‘save’ button. You will then be given the choice of which board you want to save your idea to.

Pinterest Save It Button

Share your ideas

If you are working on a DIY project with a partner, friend or family member, you may want to show them your Pinterest board. You can share your board with a ‘collaborator’ by clicking on the board you want to share with a friend.

Then click the grey edit icon on the top left, and if you scroll down you will see ‘collaborators’. Click on this, then enter the Pinterest name or email of the person you want to share the board with. Once you have done this they will not only be able to see your board, but they can add Pins to it too, so you can share all your ideas.

Follow relevant boards

Try and find DIY and home decor Pinterest accounts to follow that offer lots of useful ideas and tips such as our very own Paint Spray Tools Pinterest account. Once you start saving DIY based Pins you will start to get similar Pins showing up in your newsfeed.

Here’s another 15 home decor Pinterest accounts to follow as recommended by Huffington Post.

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