How to Update Old & Dated Furniture With A Paint Sprayer

Instead of throwing your old furniture away, consider whether, with a fresh lick of paint, it could be worth salvaging. You can often make the oldest, most uninspiring furniture look almost brand new, just by using a paint sprayer. TIP: Once you’ve read our blog, or if you’re desperate for some furniture restoration inspiration, check … Continued

How To Remove Paint Spillages

About to redecorate your house with a fresh coat of paint? You may end up doing a perfect job but the chances are you might get the odd bit of paint in places youhadn’t intended. Don’t panic. In many cases a splash of paint is far from permanent and there are a few tricks and tips which … Continued

Tritech – Airless Sprayers For The Man Who Has Everything…

TriTech. Where do we start? Well, there’s the lifetime warranty, the fact that they are manufactured in a state of the art precision engineering manufacturing company in the USA that also makes the gearboxes for the Apache helicopter, the unique metals used that are machined to such fine margins they are measured by air rather … Continued

Ox Tools Unleashed!

Ox Tools, the new breed of tough and dependable hand tools, have been designed with the tradesman in mind. Born in Australia in 1974, and now distributed globally, Ox Tools were introduced into the UK in 2012, and have rapidly become one of the nation’s fastest growing brands. Designed for the hardworking and discerning professional, these … Continued

Forth Bridge Uses Airless Spraying Technology

The Forth railway bridge, famed for its never ending painting, has now been painted with a glass flake epoxy paint, which is claimed will last for 25 years, and has been proved under very corrosive conditions on North Sea oil rigs. The bridge, which was built between 1883 and 1890, is 2.5km in length and … Continued