Tracing our beginnings back to 2012, we’ve grown steadily since to become a fully accredited dealer for both QTech and TriTech, two of today’s leading airless and HVLP paint spray brands for the decorator and other associated trades people. It’s this specialisation that maintains our unique difference, that ensures that as we move into our second decade of trading the focus stays on the statement we’ve made in our new strapline ‘Spray your world in colour’.

It says it all.

We’re all about spray – we don’t sell brushes or rollers, we sell spray. And we don’t just sell it, we’re here to talk you through your ‘spray’ journey – irrespective of whether you’re a beginner taking your initial hesitant dive in or whether you’ve been doing it for longer than we’ve been selling it – it makes no difference, we like talking to you. Our phone line is open from 7 in the morning until 5 in the evening – so whatever it is, advice, troubleshooting, or you just want to have a chat about spray, give us a call.

It’s your world. And you know it best, you know what you’re trying to achieve. Whatever you are; a decorator, a boat builder, a steel fabricator – or maybe a hobbyist restoring that lovely old car in your garage at home – at some stage, paint needs to be applied. That’s where we fit – we’ll guide you through the best way to spray your world.

In colour? Why not, but if you prefer black or white – that’s fine by us. Just spray it!

It’s our story. Back in 2012, we started by selling spray machines and consumables. Today, we’re still selling spray machines and consumables – backed up by a stock range that is unequalled by any other online ‘spray’ business in the UK.

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