Ox Tools, the new breed of tough and dependable hand tools, have been designed with the tradesman in mind.

Born in Australia in 1974, and now distributed globally, Ox Tools were introduced into the UK in 2012, and have rapidly become one of the nation’s fastest growing brands.

Designed for the hardworking and discerning professional, these tools are built to be tough, and incorporate many unique features to make them more comfortable and more effective to use. Ox Tools have been proven over time to withstand all the rigours of building site environments, and are now the preferred choice of many dedicated tradespeople around the world.

There is a full range of tools to suit all building trades, but those particularly applying to the painting and decorating trades include:

Joint and Taping Knives. These knives are fitted with flexible stainless steel blades, and duragrip cushioned handles.

Taping Knife

Mixing Paddles. Professional paddle with negative helix design and M14 fitting.

Hand sanders and pole sanders with soft grip handles, aluminium and soft foam pads, and Quick change clips.

Ox Hand Sander

Levels. A range of heavy duty trade level, from 600mm to 2000mm. Cushioned handles, shockproof end caps, unique dual view.

Ox Levels - Heavy Duty

Tape Measures. Heavy duty tapes from 3m to 30mt. Clear scales, long stand out cushion grip and large end hooks. 

A good example of the toughness of Ox tools is the Ox Invincible Bucket. See the test on video here:         

                                                                                                                                            Many other tools are available. For more details contact our office on 01767 640888 for friendly advice and help. 


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