Painting always looks so easy on home makeover shows; the decorators simply dip their rollers into a tray of paint and away they go, or the painting is so easy and the finish is always flawless. Why then, when you paint your walls do they end up with bumps, smudges and marks that show the imprint of your roller? Here at Paint Spray Tools, we know that many of us have never tried paint spray machines but have had a wealth of experience with paintbrushes; therefore, we’re answering the question, paint spray machines vs. paintbrushes: which is best?


When you’ve finished with your paintbrush it’s essential that spend an extra five minutes washing the paint out of the brush so it doesn’t solidify and ruin your brush. Then of course, you’re faced with the bristles falling out of the brush as your painting and drying onto your wall. Paintbrushes, however, can be good to complete the paintwork that requires more detail, such as the edges next to the skirting board, but then you’re left with brush marks. Rollers are the other option that a lot of people choose to do their painting, as rollers are good for covering larger areas of your wall. Unfortunately, when you use a roller, the finish of your walls is far from flawless as the roller imprints are often visible.

Paint Spray Machines

The only disadvantage of using a paint spray machine is that only a few of us have used one before, so we’re unsure about how to use them. Spray paint machines, however, are incredibly simple to use and produce an outstanding finish on your walls. Here at Paint Spray Tools, we stock an impressive range of paint spray machines for all purposes, from domestic to commercial, and are sure to meet all budget requirements.

When you use a spray paint machine, you are left with a wall without paintbrush bristles, roller imprints or bumps and smudges; you don’t get covered in the paint flicking back from the roller and your painting can be completed quickly and efficiently. If you would like more information, please browse our website.

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