EDX EM16 4-Speed Mag Drill 110v

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EDX EM16 4-Speed Mag Drill  110v


MODEL: EM16 4-Speed Mag Drill
POWER: 1800W
VOLTAGE: 110V / 60Hz or 230V / 50Hz
ON LOAD/ Speed 1: 150 / 90
NO LOAD / FULL RPM: Speed 2: 200 / 120
Speed 3: 300 / 180
Speed 4: 380 / 230
MAX. CAPACITY Dia x Depth of cut (Hand Feed) 75mm x 50mm
Dia x Depth of MT3 Twist Drill Bit 32mm x 150mm
Dia x Depth of MT3 Chuck Adaptor
with Twist Drill Bit 
16mm x 110mm
Dia x Depth of Taps 25.4mm x 40mm
WEIGHT: 24.8kgs (54.56lbs)


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