Hyundai HY12000LE 9.5kW Single Phase Electric Start Petrol Generator

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Hyundai HY12000LE 9.5kW Single Phase Petrol Generator

  • Produces a maximum output of 9.5kW
  • Powered by the Hyundai HYIC680 engine
  • Portable design with handles and large wheels
  • Designed with ATS capabilities
  • Perfect for professional use, construction sites and farms

At the heart of the Hyundai HY12000LE is the super economical and reliable Hyundai HYIC680 V-twin 4-stroke engine. And is the largest single-phase petrol generator in the Hyundai range available in the UK market. It produces the 11.87 kVA / 9.5 Kw of power effortlessly in spheres such as industrial and agricultural use and has been built for the most challenging jobs a petrol generator can handle.

Getting the power where you need it has been made easy. There is an integrated wheel kit with the Hyundai HY12000LE. Its robust wheels and wheelbarrow-style handles makes it a total breeze to move about to wherever you need it and its light too! At just 182kg the Hyundai HY12000LE is the perfect portable generator for your needs.

Using Sensitive Equipment with The Electrical Power from The Hyundai HY12000LE

The power produced by the Hyundai HY12000LE enables a smooth voltage output via the Hyundai’s AVR alternator for both 115V and 230V. However, the Hyundai’s AVR alternator is sturdy enough to cope with building site equipment, agricultural uses and industrial power tools and paraphernalia within that industry.

Is the Hyundai HY12000LE Easy to Start and Use?

You bet it is – simply push a button and up it starts! There is a choice of electric key start or electric remote start on the Hyundai HY12000LE. The generator also has ATS (Automatic Transfer Start) capabilities and can be connected to an Automatic Transfer Switch and start up automatically in the event of a power outage.

There are 2 x 110v 32A 1 x 230v 63A sockets fitted to the Hyundai HY12000LE to connect your electrical equipment up to. An easy to read onboard digital display is on hand so you can see information such as, hours run, output voltage and frequency. This is important as you will need to know when your generator will need servicing after the scheduled hours run time has been reached, this will keep your generator maintained and running for thousands of hours use.

What Happens If I Do Not Use My Hyundai HY12000LE For Long Periods?

As with all petrol engines, if you are planning to store your generator for a long period its ‘best practice’ to either drain the fuel tank then run the generator until it stops. This will prevent any unused fuel congealing and clogging the carburettor. Or to stop the fuel from going off use a petrol additive. Remember, stale fuel can stop your generator from starting when you need it.

Low Noise Levels

You might think having a petrol generator will be very noisy. Well think again; the Hyundai HY12000LE is surprisingly quiet at 70 dBA @ 7 metres.



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