QTech QT190 Electric Airless Sprayer + 15” QTech tip extension

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Max tip

Use to spray

  • Emulsion, interior and exterior.
  • Top coats
  • Wood preservatives
  • Most other low-viscosity water or solvent based coatings.
  • Suitable for smooth coatings only.

The QT190 is taking the place of the best selling QP019.

Being small doesn’t mean it’s not for the pro – all the features that a professional looks for are here, but they’ve just got compact. Small enough to use anywhere at anytime, inside and out. It’s easy to carry with a new designed easy grip handle and a net weight of only 11.4 kg, yet the pump is capable of working with spray tips up to 21 thou. Equip with the correct type of spray tip (if you need help choosing, give us a call!) and it is suitable for applying a range of both solvent and water based coatings onto any type of surface. Ideal for the professional decorator, factory maintainer, fabricators or contractors, where an exceptional finish is desired but an airless pump is not needed all day, every day.

  • Even more portable, versatile and reliable, with a new updated packing kit and new redesigned gear head.
  • Compact, and light. Takes up little space in your van.
  • Wearing parts can be purchased and replaced easily
  • Comes completely ready to spray with the best TriTech T360 airless spray gun, TriTech 517 tip and Guard and 7.5m hose + Tools.


Complete with:

TriTech Airless T360 gun

TriTech Contractor 517 tip and guard

1/4″ x 7.5 Textile braided hose assembly


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