Remote Pressure Pot Assembly Kit | Use with QTech5 HVLP Suction

£300.00 £250.00 ex. VAT


Adding this pressure pot assembly to your QTech5 HVLP | Q70 Suction Gun takes it to another level. A much increased capacity over a gun pot allows for longer periods of spraying without the need to refill – further enhanced by having the gun only in the hand, hence less weight to carry. This set up is particularly useful for cabinet work where working in confined spaces is necessary – including at times the gun needing to be upside down.

Complete with

  • 2ltr pressure pot plus adapter
  • 1800mm fluid hose
  • Quick-connect coupler
  • Pressure tube
  • Check valve and nipple caps

NOTE Can only be used with the QTech5 HVLP | Q70 Suction Gun. Not compatible with other QTech HVLP systems. As with all other HVLP systems it is not suitable for use with emulsions.

QTech HVLP pressure pot assembly


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