S1 Electrostatic Sprayer

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The S1 is a professional gun sprayer that uses the principle of electrostatic induction to distribute sanitising solutions effectively and uniformly across a variety of surfaces.

The ergonomic design of the S1 coupled with its light weight ensures that it remains comfortable to hold over extended periods. This is a critical feature, given that the lithium battery power source has a run time of several hours.

With a spray pattern that can be adjusted between 40 μm through to 100 μm the S1is suitable for a large number of applications using various sanitising solutions. The S1atomizes the solution to such a degree that it becomes a fogging spray - extremely small hand light drops. Through the electrostatic charge generated by the sprayer these drops are attracted by the targeted surface and, as they lay down they create a sanitizing coating.  which effectively reaches every point of the area to be treated.


Theoretical coverage Up To 350 m2

Tank capacity 1 ltr standard
2 ltr Long Range

BackPack Available

Nozzle                             Full cone
Nozzle sizes                    0.3/0.4/0.5 mm
Power supply                  18 volt Li-on battery 2000 mAh

Dimensions (mm)           417l x 280h x 90w

Weight, no battery         1.3 kgWeight,

with battery                    1.7 kgWeight

RTU                                 2.7 kg


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