Qtech Ultra Finish Airless Spray Tip

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Looking for enhanced results or less overspray?

Start using Ultra Finish Tips.

  • Consistent flat finish with virtually any decorative coating
  • Extremely low overspray
  • Work at lower pressures – means less wear and tear on the piston and packing kit in your airless sprayer.
  • Less paint used when compared against the standard Contractor tips
  • Longer in-service sprayer life
  • Tip seal included
In a conventional tip (Contractor), the paint is atomised once. With a Ultra Finish tip, the paint is atomised twice. It’s this that gets that Ultra Finish, even when working at lower pressures. With a little practice, you can achieve total control, with virtually no overspray.


The Ultra Finish range uses even numbers to distinguish from the Contractor tips. For example, a 518 in the Ultra Finish range is the same as a 517 in the Contractor range. If you need a hand choosing the correct tip size for your work, please give us a call and we can help!