Winter Care Package

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Is your sprayer in need of a little winter TLC?

Did you know, any water left inside a machine or hose that freezes in the cold weather will expand and can make your machine leak? Use QTector to prevent this happening.

Your Winter Care Package includes:

  • 946ml QTector Pump Conditioner
  • 237ml QLube Lubricant
  • x1 Pack of 10 Gun filters, mesh of your choice (Make a note at checkout of your preferred size. If there is no mention we will send 100mesh.)


  • Use in the wet cup of a piston pump
  • Prevents paint from drying on the piston and damaging the packings
  • Reduces premature wear
  • Protects the complete system
  • Use daily when in use to maintain optimum power and performance


  • Cleans the complete system during the final rinse
  • Deposits a lubricating film to keep everything in peak condition
  • Protects against corrosion, rust and wear
  • Effective down to temperatures as low as -32°C
  • Safe to leave in machine over extended periods of time
  • Water based cleaner.


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