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3M Turbine Spray Gun (Series 11 Suction)

  • £475.00 (ex VAT)
    £475.00 (Inc VAT)

When you’re painting in any capacity, you need accuracy. Above all else, you need to be sure you can cover the intended area with a thorough finish, in a speedy and comprehensive manner. Undoubtedly, the only option for only the best results is a turbine spray gun and you need not look further than the 3M Turbine Spray Gun.

Not only does a turbine spray gun improve efficiency in terms of paint-to-surface transfer, the air pressure encourages the coat to dry quickly, allowing you to add a second and third coat within a much smaller timescale, increasing overall productivity and reducing daily workload.

Whilst there are a huge number of applications for this type of spray gun, turbine spray guns most commonly appear in the automotive, furniture finishing and cosmetic industries.

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