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Twin Outlet Transformer - PaintSprayTools


Twin Outlet Transformer

  • £65.00 (ex VAT)
    £65.00 (Inc VAT)

This superb quality 3300/2 transformer 3.3 kva has been designed for use by an on-site tradesman, outdoors.   The casing made from a glass re-inforced polyester coating and is weatherproof and the transformer has been fully encapsulated inside, for additional protection.  The two output plugs are a flap cover to stop any dirt seeping inside when not in use.  This transformer has been manufactured to BS EN61558 standard. 

This unit is graded for intermittent operation at a full listed power capability for a duty cycle of 25%. i.e. 5 minutes ON 15 minutes OFF. They may be used in a continuous operation mode at a rating of 50% of the full capability. e.g. this 3.3kva unit may be operated continuously at 1.65Kva


  • Fully weathproof
  • 2 socket output

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