If you haven’t had a great deal of experience using spray painting equipment previously, it can be a little difficult knowing exactly where to start. You will of course have the instruction manual to go from, but there will be a few questions you have that can’t be answered from the manual, so we at Paint Spray Tools thought we’d put together a few of the most common questions and those all important answers to help build your knowledge.

What is a Primer?

A primer is to be used on the surface you plan to paint in order to seal the surface, improve the level of adhesive between the surface and the paint and ensure the best possible finish in terms of colour. A primer should always be used ahead of painting as it can smooth out an uneven surface and go a long way to ensuring the high level results you will be hoping for.

Should I Complete my Project in Stages or All at Once?

For the best results, it is advisable to complete your project in one go as opposed to in stages as you will ensure one smooth coat across the surface.

Is it Best to Spray Indoors or Out?

Where possible, it is always best to spray outdoors, however should you have no option but to paint inside, make sure the area is well ventilated with all windows and doors wide open, with the additional use of a fan if necessary.

Should I Practice Before I Start?

It is always advisable to practice using the equipment before you begin painting your surface as you will be able to get a feel for the equipment you are using and also make sure the colour of the paint is right for you.

What Technique Should I Use When Painting?

When using spray painting equipment, it is always best to take your time, applying coats in a smooth, even motion, working across the surface. Use several thin coats rather than one thick coat, and make sure you start from the same point each time to ensure an even covering across the surface.

This is just part one of our FAQs on paint spraying, so make sure you check out next week’s post where we answer even more of your commonly asked questions!

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