When you embark on a project that involves working on those frustratingly hard to reach areas, whether it be a large scale painting job or a smaller DIY task, your safety and the overall finish of the task in hand can sometimes be jeopardised. Your safety whilst completing a project is obviously of paramount importance so to ensure this whilst also guaranteeing the quality finish you desire, we here at Paint Spray Tools believe we have just the thing you need; a telescopic mobile scaffold tower.

The first of its kind in the world, the Teletower Mobile Scaffold Tower is an invention that is guaranteed to save you hours in labour time, at the same time as ensuring you are safely working at height whenever the need arises.

The features of this telescopic mobile scaffold tower include;

•    7 different platform heights from 0.33 to 2m
•    Easily fits into the back of your work van on an estate car
•    A platform that is 1.4m wide with an entry hatch for easy access
•    Working heights from 2.3 to 4m to ensure no more hard to reach areas
•    Can be put up and be ready for use in just 3 minutes to allow projects to progress at speed

The fact that the scaffold tower is mobile is one of its most advantageous features. Whereas previously you may have had to utilise a chair, an unsafe ladder or just stretch as much as you could, this innovative invention allows for you to easily move from one area to the other with minimal effort without ever compromising the standard of work you are completing.

At Paint Spray Tools, we aim to have every angle covered for both the professional and DIY’er so alongside our array of spray painting equipment, power tools and extensive accessories, we have ladders and towers in addition to the appropriate safety equipment to make sure you can complete your project effectively, efficiently and safely. To see more of our products, click through to any of our categories and browse the available products at your leisure.

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