TriTech. Where do we start? Well, there’s the lifetime warranty, the fact that they are manufactured in a state of the art precision engineering manufacturing company in the USA that also makes the gearboxes for the Apache helicopter, the unique metals used that are machined to such fine margins they are measured by air rather than calipers, the list goes on.

Basically what we have found are the best airless sprayers we have ever come across. A two piece packing system that can be changed in a few minutes, a self draining manifold filter housing and some extremely heavy ball bearings that don’t stick in the pump (goodness knows what they are made of, but it’s not stainless steel, so we can only presume it’s a similar metal used for the military work they do there) and these are just a few of the things that have made us come to love these pumps.

If you are serious about spraying and don’t want a pump to let you down – ever, then we definitely suggest you check the Tritech range out. We don’t know of any other pump that has a lifetime warranty but then again, we’ve never seen pumps this good before. Click here to view the full range of TriTech airless paint sprayers or if you already own a sprayer and would like some top tips, we have a great guide with some pro tips here.

tritech airless paint sprayer parts

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