Technology is continually advancing, whether it be in the form of the latest tablet device to hit the market, the way that you obtain directions to get from A to B in your car or how you access the internet wherever you are. The way that you decorate can now also be included in this as thanks to innovative paint spray kits, you can enter the new age of painting that ensures the highest quality finish whilst also considerably improving efficiency. Read on to learn more about the turbine paint spray kits available here at Paint Spray Tools that are suitable for both DIY and industrial use;

DIY Paint Spraying

If you are a fan of ‘Do it Yourself’ projects but are tired of the amount of time it takes to paint large areas using traditional methods, the PST110T Turbine Paint Spray Kit could be exactly what you have been looking for.
Offering great value for money, this piece of equipment could revolutionise the way you paint, improving productivity and efficiency at the same time as ensuring a finish that just can’t be matched when using paint brushes or rollers. Holding 500ml of paint at a time, this electronic kit is ideal for a range of different purposes and is sure to be an investment you will not regret when completing many a DIY project in the future.

Industrial Paint Spraying

If the highest level of finish is an absolute must, a professional HVLP turbine kit is what’s required. With two models available, the 110v and 240v, they are ideal for applying sealers, oil and solvent based paints, primers, acrylics, enamels and many more!

Coming complete with a turbine gun and hose, these turbine kits enable large surface areas to be painted quickly to ensure down-time in a commercial or industrial setting is kept to an absolute minimum; a vitally important feature.

If you have incorporated new technology into your life in different areas, make sure you don’t miss out when it comes to painting and decorating. Whether a small DIY project or large scale industrial venture, turbine spray kits utilise the latest technology to guarantee the best possible results, and will also make the whole thing much easier for you!

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