In any walk of life, having the best tools and equipment for the task in hand at your disposal will help to ensure you can complete a project to the very highest standard. This is no different for the professional drywall tradesman, and here at Paint Spray Tools we want to help as best we can by having an extensive range of equipment in our collection that will enable you to complete a job efficiently and to the standard your customer would expect.

Detailed below is an overview of the drywall tools we have in our collection so you can see whether there is something missing from your toolbox or alternatively where a replacement product could make your job easier;

Drywall Sanders

One of the most important tools to a drywall tradesman is the drywall sander, so you will be pleased to know that we offer only the very best equipment from recognised manufacturers in the industry. We have a varied selection of sanders available including the EDX DW10 and DW20 models as well as the Festool Drywall Sander. Alongside our sanders, we also have the all important sanding discs available in packs of 25 with various grits.

Drywall Power Tools

Our power tools range from the mixer to the vacuum, and again you can be assured that they are of the very highest quality so will only benefit your upcoming projects. The FOX Paddle Mixer offers comfort and efficiency when mixing plaster and other products, whilst the FOX Wet and Dry Vacuum and EDX DW50 Mobile Vacuum Extractor are at the forefront of innovative design and effectiveness.

Drywall Hand Tools

Alongside our range of powered tools, we also have a number of hand tools that can help any drywall project. With external and internal corner trowels as well as plasterer’s stainless steel or carbon steel trowels and taping knives in our selection, there is everything available to ensure the finishing touches are the very best they can possibly be.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of drywall tools available to you here at Paint Spray Tools, so browse our website today for further information on all our drywall products and get purchasing to ensure you have the best tools at your disposal!

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